Excellent Maintenance by Garage Door Specialists

Learn more about safety glass and why aluminum frames are preferable over wood

Why hinges are important?

Garage door hinges join different parts together and they are extremely useful for the installation of the door itself. They are certainly vital parts of sectional doors since the panels are hinged together and that's why they must checked, lubricated, tightened and replaced immediately should they erode. Rusty hinges are not good for the stability of the door.

What do we mean by headroom?

Headroom is the upper part of the door. Measuring from the opening at the top part of the garage door to the lowest part of the ceiling! The space of the headroom is important because it will determine the spring system required for the specific garage door and where the opener will be installed.

Is a garage door opener really necessary?

Door openers or operators may not be considered essential but they provide great convenience that makes them very compelling to get. By using an automatic garage door opener system, you no longer need to get off the car or ask someone to open and close the door. A remote control may also be used for door opening and closing.

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