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Excellent overhead garage door tips that will help you solve problems and avoid injuries

Don't forget to clean the garage door

The entire door along with its parts must be thoroughly cleaned. It's the most effective way to increase the appeal of the house and find weaknesses on the surface. Clean tracks will facilitate the movement of the door and dusted opener sensors will certainly work better and, thus, your safety will be guaranteed.

Replace the broken parts immediately

Some people have the tendency to try to fix broken garage door parts instead of replacing them. This is just superficial mending and some problems need drastic actions. You cannot rely on cables that have been tightened instead of replaced once they snapped. The door won't move with the same safety and it'll cost you more.

Lag screws are better for garage doors

We know from experience that lag screws work better than nails. The advice from our technicians in Franklin Lakes is to use them for framing members and holding track hangers. It is not a good idea to tighten too much because you may want to make some additional adjustments later on.

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