Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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When it comes to your automatic door openers, we are the best persons who can assist you with any problem you might have. We hire only the best personnel who are well-versed at repairing complicated and intricate door systems. In fact, our door specialists are known to be some of the best in this industry. So if you find yourself having some problems with your door openers, such as the doors refusing to budge or the button not responding, then you know who to call for assistance. All our staff members are well-trained to answer any questions of yours. So make sure to contact our hotline and we will get back to you immediately.

Quick response time for emergency garage door service

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Excellent Garage Door Maintenance

As a busy person, I do not have the time to care properly for my overhead door. That is why I hired this company to provide garage door maintenance. I am more than pleased with the result. They do everything from cleaning to lubrication. The door always looks great. More importantly, it works as well as on day one. I am really happy that the service of Garage Door Repair Franklin Lakes includes inspection and testing as well. When there is something wrong, the technicians provide repair or replacement directly. Thanks to the professional maintenance, the door is completely safe, secure and easy to use.

Quiet Rollers and Hinges

My overhead door was shaking and making annoying noises through opening and closing. Thankfully, the professionals of Garage Door Repair Franklin Lakes provided a complete solution which worked out brilliantly and matched my budget too. They replaced the worn-out garage door rollers with new nylon ones. It was almost unbelievable to see them moving smoothly and quietly along the tracks. In addition to the rollers, the technicians replaced all worn hinges. They tightened and lubricated all remaining ones as well. The end result was fabulous. I appreciated how quickly and dexterously the technicians worked. I am very happy with the new parts and even happier with the service!

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